iPhone 7

As many of you may have noticed in the app store, BrandCam is titled as an iPhone 5&6 app. We are currently working on having that changed. In the meantime please rest assured that BrandCam will function normally on all iPhone 7 models as well.

3.0 is here!

The competely redesigned full version of BrandCam is now available! You can now download it in the Apple App Store.

2.0 is here!

The long awaited 2.0 with Video Capability is here!

Download in the Apple Appstore, now!

Video Feature

At the beginning of this year we announced that BrandCam will have the capability to record video, in the near future. That time is now just around the corner, and you will be able to get the update, this month!


We will notify you when the update is made available for previous users to download, and for new users to purchase and begin watermarking with, in real time.

QuickFix: BrandCam Not Opening

If BrandCam is not opening for you, it is due to your device permissions. As BrandCam is a camera app, you need to give the app permission to use your iPhones camera and microphone, which you may have accidentally disabled when promoted on the first time you opened the app.

To enable these settings, do the following:

Settings > Privacy > Camera > Enable BrandCam

Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Enable BrandCam

1.3 Update

Just in time for the holidays, we have released the 1.3 update for BrandCam that fixes all of the iOS 8 bugs, along with UI improvements and performance enhancements.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at support@brandcamapp.com

The iOS 8 Situation

With the release of the latest iOS update, majority of the apps that we use on a daily basis have been crashing, and if not crashing, there has been features within the apps that have become glitchy or just no longer working all together.

So to keep you in the loop, BrandCam is currently being optimized for the latest software to take care of some bugs that iOS 8 has thrown our way.

Everything still functions as is, we are just making a few tweaks to get it back to where it was. Along with those few tweaks we will be adding in something a little extra in the update.

Helping you move a little!

1.2 Update

After a few requests, we have added a simple walkthrough to give you a little head start on using BrandCam. Along with some major performance enhancements.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Support@BrandCamApp.com

Welcome to BrandCam

It’s safe to call us branding nerds. We take branding so seriously that even we get annoyed with ourselves sometimes. Well only when we can’t decide if we should use 009EFF or 019EFF, 1cm to the left or 1cm to the right etc. you get the point.

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