Terms of Use

PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING/USING BrandCam. This agreement applies to all BrandCam users, visitors and others who download and use BrandCam. You may only use BrandCam if you accept and abide with the Terms Of Use below.
Common Ambition Inc., is the provider of the BrandCam mobile application (app) and BrandCamApp.com (website). The following TERMS OF USE explain the terms that the app user (you) must agree to, to use the app and/or website.
By downloading and using the app, you are indicating that you have fully read, understand, and agree to the Terms Of Use. Common Ambition Inc. reserves the right to make changes to this agreement without notice. 

Common Ambition Inc. is providing an app for you, called BrandCam, to take photos and create templates to either take photos with the template on it or to upload existing photos to apply a template onto the photo.


Intellectual property of all content on the app prior to you using the app belongs to Common Ambition Inc. or the client the piece was provided by to Common Ambition Inc. Common Ambition Inc. has permission to display the intellectual property material. The material on the app shall not be mimicked, duplicated or reproduced without the prior written consent of Common Ambition Inc. or the owner of the intellectual property material. Duplication or reproduction of all or any part of the intellectual property material is a violation of the intellectual property infringement laws and will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law, in British Columbia, Canada.


All templates that are uploaded to the app or created by you, the user (you) within the app is your property and you are the owner of the intellectual property or have been given permission in writing by the intellectual property owner(s) to use it. If you do not own the rights or have not been given the rights to use the intellectual property material, please refrain from uploading or creating a template with it. Common Ambition Inc. will not be held liable for any intellectual property infringement. You are responsible for any damages that may occur in any form if you violate intellectual property laws.


All images that are taken in the app or uploaded to the app are the sole property of the app user or the individual that took the photo(s) and you have permission to use the photo(s). Common Ambition Inc. does not own any rights to any of the images that are captured in the app or uploaded to the app.


You have the right to share content that you have created by using the app, to others by any means you wish to do so, examples: email, text messages, social media networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) etc. If you choose to share the content outside of the app, you will be doing so at your own risk and you understand that the Terms Of Use for the app do not apply to the Terms Of Use of social networks that you may share the content you have created. You are fully responsible for the content you create within the app and share via your social media accounts or via other means, such as, but not limited to, email and text messages.


If you share content that you have created with BrandCam to social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. with the hashtag #BrandCam, #BrandCamApp, and #CommonAmbition and/or you tag and/or mention BrandCamApp and/or CommonAmbition, you grant permission to Common Ambition Inc. or any of its sister companies, the non-exclusive, world wide license of the photo, without any royalties or fees. The photo will be used for, including but not limited to, portfolio, promotional and testimonial purposes, online and/or offline.


Common Ambition Inc. shall not be held liable if you do not have the necessary hardware (iPhone) and operating system (iOS) that BrandCam needs in order to function.


You indemnify and hold harmless, Common Ambition Inc., any of its employees, sister companies, agents and/or associates from and against any and all, but not limited to damages, claims, liabilities expenses, attorney fees that may arise from, including but not limited to, your use of the app and violation of this Terms Of Use.


Common Ambition Inc. is not responsible for any injuries and damages that may occur to users from using this app. The user is fully responsible for any but not limited to mental, physical or hardware injuries and damages.


This app and its components are offered as is; Common Ambition Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness, availability, error or omissions in any information transmitted or made available via the app.


Common Ambition Inc. cares about your personal information security. However, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat our security and use your information for improper purposes. You agree that you are providing your personal information at your own risk and that Common Ambition Inc. will not be held liable in the event of information being compromised.


To report intellectual property infringement, please email, Business@BrandCamApp.com.