Welcome to BrandCam

It’s safe to call us branding nerds. We take branding so seriously that even we get annoyed with ourselves sometimes. Well only when we can’t decide if we should use 009EFF or 019EFF, 1cm to the left or 1cm to the right etc. you get the point.

Being very particular with how we present ourselves online, we got sick and tired of falling a day behind when it came to getting on social media to give our audience a visual of what we were experiencing. That was because we like to tag our pictures with our logo. However, in order to do that properly we would have to email them to ourselves, save them on our computers and open them in photoshop. From there we would apply our logo and email the pictures back to ourselves. Then we would finally post them online.

As you can imagine this process was a nightmare. Trust me, we looked high and low for an app that could do what we wanted it to do. Eventually we gave up on looking for an app that was already made. So, we decided to solve the problem ourselves. That’s when we set out to create BrandCam. We hope BrandCam does for you, what is has done for us; make our lives a heck of a lot simpler.

Happy Branding!